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Car Servicing

We'll keep you running. You’ve heard us say it before, but that’s really what our car services are all about.

Goodyear Autocare offers a comprehensive range of tyres and tailored car services to keep your car running. The small investment of a regular auto service costs you less in the long run. A routine auto service checks brake function and wear and tear of tyres, finding defects before they become dangerous and potentially more costly.

Frequent vehicle inspection is essential to proper car maintenance. These regular auto service checks minimise the wear and tear that can lead to a breakdown by finding parts that have worn out and need replacing. The frequency is based on the age and mileage of your car.
Don't fall into the trap of neglecting the servicing schedule of an older vehicle – what should be a cheap car service could turn into serious car repairs.

Regular car servicing:

  • maintains your car's fuel economy
  • extends engine life
  • reduces the cost of car repairs over the life of the car
  • reduces car off-road time
  • improves resale value when the time comes
  • keeps you safe on the road

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What services do we offer?


A car exhaust system is made up of several components including the muffler, exhaust pipe, exhaust manifold and catalytic converter. These components work together to expel engine fumes and emissions.
It is important to get your exhaust system inspected regularly to ensure it's working correctly and not hindering the performance of your vehicle. Exhaust problems are often subtle but ignoring them can prove expensive – not just for your wallet but for the environment.
Call 13 23 43 or visit a Goodyear Autocare store near you so a specialist can inspect, repair or replace your vehicle’s exhaust system.


Having a good pair of wipers can be as important when driving in the wet as having a good braking system. Spending a few minutes each week checking your wipers could save you money by extending the life of your wipers and helping protect your windscreen from scratches.
Call 13 23 43 or visit a Goodyear Autocare store near you to find out how to check and maintain your wipers.


Maintaining your car’s braking system is vital to the safe handling and performance of your car. The components and function of your car's brakes are in good hands at Goodyear Autocare. Maintaining your tyres is also vital to safe braking function – we can replace your tyres for you too.

Wheel balance and alignment

Get the maximum life from your tyres by investing in wheel balancing and wheel alignment services as part of our Goodyear Autocare car service.

Suspension and steering

At Goodyear Autocare we take care of all your car’s suspension and steering needs.

Fixed price car service

We offer a range of fixed price car services at Goodyear Autocare. Whether you want new tyres, a basic service to check your car essentials or a comprehensive log book service according to your manufacturer’s recommendations, our specialist car mechanics can assist.
Feel free to get in touch if you’d like to know more about our car repairs or car services. There’s sure to be a Goodyear Autocare store near you.

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