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Brake service

A Goodyear Autocare brake service will maintain your cars brake Brake Service performance and your peace of mind. 

Your car brakes are responsible for reducing your car’s speed, stopping your car, preventing over-acceleration when driving downhill and keeping your car stationary when parked. Failing to maintain your braking system can cause poor brake performance as well as increased car maintenance costs caused by unnecessarily worn components, such as your tyres.

It is important to have your brakes regularly inspected, cleaned and adjusted. Only a qualified car mechanic should perform your brake repairs. Our specialists deliver the best possible workmanship using only quality brake parts, such as Bendix brakes. We will thoroughly check your disc rotors and disc brakes or drum shoes for signs of wear. We can also assist with replacing your tyres.

Lifetime Brake Pad Replacement Program

We’ve introduced a Lifetime Brake Pad Replacement Program at Goodyear Autocare. As part of your next brake service, we’ll fit quality Bendix brake pads to your car. Then, as a member of this program, you’ll get replacement Bendix brake pads supplied for the life of ownership of your car. Terms and Conditions apply.

Backed by one of the best names in the business

You can put your foot down with confidence knowing Bendix brakes feature the latest brake technologies in their brake pads. The results? More control, less noise and faster installation. From their Titanium Stripe Technology to their whisper-quiet Stealth Advanced Technology, Bendix brakes continue to drive braking technology forward.

Call 13 23 43 to book a brake service or visit a Goodyear Autocare store near you.