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Radiator repair and inspections by qualified mechanics

At Goodyear Autocare we can take care of your car radiator repair. Radiator Repair

The performance of your engine relies heavily on a functioning car radiator as the radiator is responsible for removing excess heat from the engine. It also provides heated air to the car’s interior.

Regular cooling system inspections, maintenance and a coolant flush can prevent unnecessary coolant loss and overheating, which can cause internal damage to your engine. This is vital to ensure your car runs smoothly.

A malfunctioning car radiator can be caused by:

  • a leaking radiator hose – the radiator hose should be replaced periodically to prevent damage
  • a leaking radiator
  • rust in your radiator – road debris, humidity and other factors can contribute to rust
  • an inaccurate thermostat – this should be inspected regularly
  • air in cooling system – air trapped inside can restrict the flow of coolant and lessen the component's efficiency
  • a damaged radiator fan – car that overheats while idle may have a damaged radiator fan
  • a damaged water pump – a malfunctioning pump will cause the engine to overheat
  • faulty soldering – the cooling fins are delicate and prone to damage

Your local Goodyear Autocare car mechanic can identify the cause and coordinate your radiator repair for you. We can flush, service or repair your car radiator and cooling system to ensure you’re running smoothly all day, every day.

If you need radiator repair or just a quick inspection call 13 23 43 or find a Goodyear Autocare Store near you.