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Tyres - Light Truck

A good light truck tyre can provide you with the benefits of a good passenger tyre, but also provide the vehicle all the requirements needed for a commercial vehicle. At Goodyear Autocare, you can choose from a wide range of light truck tyres from a variety of brands, which includes big names such as Dunlop and Goodyear.

What Tyre Properties Do I Look for?

Light truck tyres need to satisfy a lot of standards and requirements, so there are a number of things customers have to look for when searching for the perfect light truck tyre. Let us take a closer look at the most common denominators that can affect the suitability of a light truck tyre.

First of all, a good light truck tyre must be able to handle a considerable load. Since most light trucks are used for commercial purposes, the light truck tyre needs to be able to carry a heavy load while still providing superior handling and traction.

Fuel saving properties tend to be quite important for the light truck tyre as well, since most commercial vehicles need to travel a considerable distance. If the fuel efficiency of your tyre is not right, it can cost you more than expected. The mileage of your tyre also plays a role here, since light truck tyres without the proper mileage will have to be replaced a lot sooner, resulting in additional cost for the commercial vehicle driver or the business.

Good light truck tyres must also be able to deal with wet road conditions, since most commercial vehicles travel a lot of miles in different areas. Without a good wet grip, it can affect the safety of the vehicle and the driver.

Can Goodyear Autocare Fit the Light Truck Tyres on My Commercial Vehicle?

Anyone who purchases their light truck tyres from Goodyear Autocare can benefit from a free fitting, considering the fact that the fitting of the tyre set is included in the price. In addition to the free fitting, customers can also benefit from another free Goodyear Autocare service – the free tyre health check.

Commercial vehicles can come to Goodyear Autocare for a free tyre health check, which includes checking the tread depth and pressure of the tyres. In addition to tyre evaluation, we will also check your battery for free. In short, the perfect service to keep your vehicle in peek condition.

Can Goodyear Autocare Deliver Additional Services for Commercial Vehicles and Light Truck Tyres?

Goodyear Autocare is your one-stop-shop where light truck tyres are concerned. Not only do we provide some of the best light truck tyres in Australia, we also provide additional services that can make commercial vehicles, and the businesses who use them, more efficient.

Customers who own a fleet of commercial vehicles can definitely benefit from our commercial services. Businesses who take advantage of our commercial services will be able to take advantage of expert tyre advice, flexible delivery options, regular inspections, pressure maintenance, an integrated service system, tests, fleet training programs and a lot more.

With the help of our commercial services, businesses can be sure that their fleet will run to its maximum potential. Using our services can also reduce the downtime of your fleet, for example when one of your commercial vehicles has a tyre related problem. For more information about these services, please head over to our commercial services page.