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Tyres - Passenger Car

At Goodyear Autocare, customers can find an outstanding range of passenger tyres. Thanks to our additional filter tool, it’s easy to find the exact tyre you are looking for. In addition to choosing the make and model of your vehicle, you can also select according to brand and driving style. To learn more, read our tyre information below.

What Are the Most Important Properties for Passenger Tyres?

The properties of passenger tyres can be divided into four main categories. These categories are durability, fuel saver, handling and mileage. Each of these categories can deliver passenger tyres with a very specific purpose, so before you choose your particular tyre, it is essential to determine your driving style and driving needs.

When Should I Choose Passenger Tyres with Durability Properties?

Customers who need durable passenger tyres often have to deal with tough road conditions. The customer might have to deal with gravel roads, winter roads and other similar road conditions. If you have to deal with rough driving conditions, a durable passenger tyre might be the best choice for you.

Most durable tyres on Goodyear Autocare have a high puncture resistance, good traction and excellent tread pattern. The combination of these features will enable the driver to use their tyre set for a longer period of time, which can save them a lot of money in the long run.

When Should I Choose Passenger Tyres with Fuel Saving Properties?

Vehicles that tend to use a lot fuel can benefit from a tyre set from our fuel saver category. Saving fuel can usually be achieved with a tyre with good rolling resistance. The less rolling resistance a tyre has, the less fuel it will use, given the fact that the tyre needs less energy to roll.

However, there are additional tyre technologies that can save you extra fuel. Big tyre brands such as Dunlop and Goodyear are quite known for their fuel-saving technologies, so if you have been looking for a good tyre that can save you some money on fuel, we recommend having a look at one of these brands.

When Should I Choose Passenger Tyres with Handling Properties?

There are many different ways in which a tyre can affect the handling of a vehicle. Basic things such as wheel alignment are an absolute must for the handling of your vehicle, however, the type of passenger tyres you have on your vehicle can also affect how well your vehicle handles. On Goodyear Autocare, customers can find a variety of tyres that will make your vehicle easier to handle, so be sure to have a look at them to optimise your vehicle as much as possible.

When Should I Choose Passenger Tyres with Mileage Properties?

A good tyre with mileage properties ensures you do not have to replace this tyre for a long period of time. It can save you a considerable amount of money over the course of time, so many customers tend to go for a tyre with these mileage properties.

Mileage properties are not only reserved for tyres for passenger vehicles, since they are also commonly used for commercial vehicles. Goodyear Autocare also offers great tyres for commercial vehicles, so be sure to have a look at them as well if you are interested in saving some money.