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Wheel alignment & balancing

We know tyres here at Goodyear Autocare and through our wheel alignment and balancing services, we help you get the most out of yours.

Wheel alignment and wheel balancing reduce the wear and tear on your tyres, so they last longer and improve the safety and handling of your car.

Wheel balancing

As tyres wear, their weight distribution may become unevenly balanced. An unbalanced wheel will cause vibration to the vehicle that can shorten the life of tyres, bearings, shocks and other components.

Regular wheel balancing is needed as tyre wear is constantly affecting the balance of the wheel. If you notice steering wheel or car vibration, it’s a good idea to take your car into a Goodyear Autocare store s near you for wheel balancing.

Wheel alignment

Wheel alignment makes sure that all the tyres on the vehicle are pointing in the same direction to ensure the least amount of wear to your tyres. It keeps individual tyres from pulling outwards or pushing on the vehicle and eases pressure on the suspension system for better and safer handling.

For example, if your car is pulling to the side, a wheel alignment could fix this issue. The small cost for wheel alignment could actually save you money by extending the life of your tyres and improving your fuel consumption. Goodyear Autocare recommends a wheel alignment at least once per year.

Tyre rotation

Your tyres wear at different rates, so tyre rotation achieves more even wear and tear. We recommend rotating your tyres every 10,000km to prolong the lifespan of your tyres. A Goodyear Autocare specialist can also check your tyre pressure to make sure you are maximising your car's fuel economy.

At Goodyear Autocare, a wheel and tyre check is conducted during every service.

Call 13 23 43 or visit your local Goodyear Autocare store about your car’s wheel alignment and balancing requirements.