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Qualified car mechanics and tyres near you

Auto Mechanic

Regular car maintenance is required by a car mechanic to preserve your car’s quality and safety. If you keep up your car maintenance, your car and tyres will have a better chance of lasting longer.

Look out for dashboard warning lights, excessive smoke from the exhaust and/or hood, a sputtering engine, unusual knocking sounds, excess oil consumption or low oil pressure as signs that you require car repairs.

Ignoring regular car maintenance may result in:

  • increased risk of on-road accidents
  • poor car performance
  • poor fuel economy
  • increased harmful exhaust emissions shortened life and decreased value of your vehicle
  • voiding your warranty

Your engine needs to be properly maintained by a trained auto mechanic to keep it running trouble-free. There are many areas of the engine that require proper lubrication, adjustments and servicing to keep it performing reliably.

We offer a range of tyres, car maintenance and car repair services to protect your engine and keep your car running smoothly.

Why Goodyear Autocare?

  • Highly skilled technicians
  • Superior customer service
  • Great value

Give yourself peace of mind and call 13 23 43 or find a Goodyear Autocare centre near you.