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Perth Tyres At 20 Locations - Quick Fittings + low Prices

Beaurepaires Perth

Looking for quality tyres in Perth? Get excellent quality tyres from our  Perth Beaurepaires Stores!

Who Is Beaurepaires?

People who are living in Australia or New Zealand are probably already familiar with Beaurepaires. We are a company that focusses on the sales and distribution of high quality tyres, replacement batteries and wheels.

The company was founded in 1922 by Frank Beaurepaire and has been going strong ever since. Beaurepaires stands for excellent quality and good customer service, so if you need new tyres, you can count on us.

Beaurepaires has stores all over Australia, including stores in Perth. When shopping for tyres in Perth, you can count on Perth Beaurepaires Stores.

What Tyre Types Are Available?

Customers who shop at our Perth Stores, can count on a large amount of tyre types. Available tyres on Beaurepaires are car tyres, 4WD tyres, light commercial tyres, truck tyres, tractor tyres and tyres for agricultural vehicles.

In our range of tyres you will find big brands such as Goodyear, Dunlop, Pirelli and many more. So when you shop in our Perth Stores, you will definitely find something suitable.

Can You Offer Me Interest Free Payment Options?

Do you need new tyres but cannot afford the expense? Then you can count on some payment plans provided by Beaurepaires. By using our GEM Visa option, you can buy your tyres immediately and pay for them later.

When you intend to buy a product that is worth more than $300, you can take advantage of the GEM Visa program. Simply contact Beaurepaires for financing options and get your new tyres from our  Perth Stores.

Does Beaurepaires Provide Tyre Services?

Whether you need tyre maintenance or wheel balancing, you can always count on Beaurepaires to provide you with the services you need.

One can obtain many benefits when getting wheel alignment services from Beaurepaires. By precisely measuring and position the wheels on your vehicle, you can avoid wear and tear on your new tyres. It is advised to get your wheels aligned at least two times a year, so your tyres will last for a long time.

Wheel alignment at Beaurepaires can also give you extra advantages. First of all, your car will handle a lot better and it will be a lot safer to drive around once your wheels are aligned. Proper wheel alignment will also provide you with a better fuel economy, so you will save money as well when you get your wheels aligned regularly.

The balancing of the wheels is another service that you can obtain from Beaurepaires. By using wheel balancing, the weight of the car is evenly distributed over the tyres, ensuring less wear and tear.

At Beaurepaires you can also find tyre maintenance services. Customers who regularly get their tyres serviced at Beaurepaires can also count on discounts and offers when they can show their Tyre Maintenance Guide at any of the Beaurepaires stores.

When Do I Need Wheel Alignment?

A good pair of tyres will not give you any problems for a long time. However, we still recommend getting wheel alignment to prevent possible problems down the line.

For some people it is difficult to determine when they need wheel alignment at Beaurepaires. However, there are some clear indicators that wheel alignment may be necessary.

The first indicator of bad wheel alignment is your steering wheel. If your steeling wheel is no longer straight, it is a clear indicator you need wheel alignment. Another clear indicator can be detected while driving. If your car pulls more to one side or wanders on straight roads, you are in definite need of wheel alignment.

When Do I Need Wheel Balancing?

Customers that take advantage of the wheel balancing services of Beaurepaires, will reduce premature tyre wear by preventing heavy spots on the tyres.

Anyone can clearly notice when they need wheel balancing. When tyres are not balanced properly, the steering wheel or vehicle itself will start vibrating. The tyres may also start to produce quite a bit of noise.

Beaurepaires also recommends having the wheels of your vehicle balanced when you have just replaced your tyres. Problems with wheel balancing can occur when you replace your old tyres with new ones, therefore wheel balancing is certainly no excess luxury.

Do You Provide Other Products?

At Beaurepaires you will find more than just tyres. Customers can also count on high quality wheels. Customers can easily locate the wheels they need, based on their vehicle and brand.

We have also included an option which allows customers to share their favourite wheels on Facebook. Having problems deciding which wheels to get? Then share some of your favourites on Facebook and let your friends decide for you. Alternatively, you can also count on our customer service to help you with your decision.

At Beaurepaires you can also get everything you need for your car battery. Whether you need a battery replacement or trade your old battery in, Beaurepaires is always ready to help you out.

Beaurepaires has an excellent pricing policy and you will find some amazing prices when you buy your batteries or wheels from Beaurepaires. To find out how advantageous our prices can be, please request a quote for an exact price!

Where Can I Find Maintenance and Purchase Tips?

Are you rather inexperienced where tyre sizes, tyre pressure and battery maintenance is concerned? Or do you need some extra information before you purchase your new tyres, car battery or wheels? Then be sure to head over to our Tips and Advice section.

On our Tips and Advice section, you will find additional information on any type of subject relating to tyres, car batteries and wheels. If you cannot find certain information, do not hesitate to give us a call.

Contact the Customer Support Team

Could you use some additional help before you purchase your new tyres or could you use some help with the maintenance of your tyres? Then do not hesitate to give us a call on 13 23 81. You can also contact our main customer service department, which you can reach on 1800 809 514.