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NSW Beaurepaires Stores With Low Prices On Tyres!

Beaurepaires NSW

Are you looking for new tyres in New South Wales at discounted prices? Take a Look at the Beaurepaires Range!

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What Do You Offer?

The Beaurepaires range is quite extensive. Not only do we provide an excellent range of tyres, we also deliver excellent batteries and wheels.

In our range of tyres, batteries and wheels, you will find everything you need for normal cars, 4WD, light commercial vehicles, trucks, tractors and agricultural vehicles.

Beaurepaires also provides a number of services that can help people get the most out of their tyres. These services are not only available for individuals, but also for businesses who want to reduce their operational cost and get their fleet in excellent condition.

What Tyre Brands Can I Obtain From Beaurepaires?

As you may know, Beaurepaires provides excellent New South Wales tyres of the highest quality. In order to guarantee the quality of the New South Wales tyres we provide, we only work with the best possible tyre brands.

Some of the high quality brands you can find at Beaurepaires are Kelly Tires, Goodyear, Dunlop, Pirelli and Hifly. All these brands have an excellent reputation and can certainly contribute to the health of your car or other vehicle.

The New South Wales tyres on Beaurepaires all have a low rolling resistance. A low rolling resistance means that your vehicle will require less effort to move forward and that less energy will be lost during your drive. What this basically means for you is that there is less strain on your engine and that it will cost you less money on fuel.

All the tyres on Beaurepaires are also environmentally friendly, since they save you a lot on fuel. By using less fuel and driving more economically, you are seriously reducing your carbon footprint.

Another benefit of the New South Wales tyres on Beaurepaires is the better grip they give you on certain surfaces. Of course, the grip on the surface does depend on the type of tyres you obtain. For example, customers that need tractor tyres for heavy wet soil will need to go for a tyre that provides them with the perfect grip for these types of surfaces.

How Do I Recognise Damage To My Tyres?

There are many different ways in which you can evaluate tyre damage. If you are rather unsure how to check your tyres for the first time, you can always come to Beaurepaires for a free tyre health check and for some additional pointers and tips provided by our team of professionals. We would also like to share some tips below, so you can easily check the health of your tyres at home.

The first thing you need to take into account when searching for tyre damage is the tread depth of your tyres. Not only can insufficient tread depth indicate tyre damage, it can also make your vehicle unsafe. When you are driving around with low tread depth, it is possible that this will lead to tyre failure and even aquaplaning. Australian law also demands that citizens drive with a certain tread depth, if not you are risking a serious fine.

Before you start checking your tread depth, ensure that you are parked in such a way so that you can get easy access to your tyres. Ensure that you have put the parking brake on at all times.

In order to check the tread depth, you will need a tread depth tool, this is a simple device that you can easily purchase in any DIY store. Use the tread depth tool to evaluate if the treads of your tyres have not worn down and still are within the legal requirements.

When your tyre treads are flirting with the legal minimum, it is recommended to get your tyres replaced. Tyres that are already worn down, also have decreased safety.

Customers should also look out for over or under inflation of their tyres. By not having your tyres inflated properly, it can lead to excessive tread wear, which means it can cost you quite a bit in acquiring new tyres. To find out the recommended pressure, check the sticker on the door pillar on the driver’s side. If this sticker is no longer present, please head to Beaurepaires to get your tyre pressure right.

Can I Avoid Damage To My Tyres?

Beaurepaires can provide you with a number of ways to prevent damage to your tyres and save some money in the process.

First of all, customers should let their tyres be rotated regularly. In order to keep your tyres in mint condition, we recommend having your tyres rotated at least every 5,000 to 8,000 kilometres. Some vehicles might need more or less rotations, depending on the recommendation of the manufacturer.

By rotating the tyres, there will be an even wear on the tyres, instead of one tyres getting wear more quickly than others. The even wear will also ensure that your tyres last longer than without the rotation.

In addition to tyre rotation, we also recommend getting your wheels aligned and balanced. Customers should have their wheels aligned every 10,000 kilometres or when they are experiencing some problems with their vehicle, for example when the car pulls more to one side or when your steering wheel is no longer straight.

Wheel balancing is also a good idea to prolong the life of your tyres. We also recommend having your wheels balanced every 10,000 kilometres. Wheel balancing is a process where our professionals will redistribute the weight around your tyres. Wheel balancing may also be needed when you experience certain issues with your car, for example a vibrating steering wheel, noisy tyres or a vibrating vehicle.

Customers are also welcome at Beaurepaires for a free tyre health check or a battery check. By doing both, you can avoid damage and drastically increase the lifespan of your tyres.

How Can I Contact You?

For more information or some personal help from the Beaurepaires team, please call your local Beaurepaires store at 13 23 81. Customers can also call our customer service line at 1800 809 514. If you are encountering a serious problem with your tyres, battery or wheels, do not hesitate to drop by at one of our stores for some immediate assistance.