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Beaurepaires Tyres Stores In Canberra With Quick Fittings

Beaurepaires Canberra

Need replacement tyres for any vehicle? Count on Beaurepaires to deliver the quality tyres you need!

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What Advantages Do Your Tyres Provide?

There is a crucial difference between good quality tyres from Beaurepaires and normal tyres you obtain from your local garage. They can also save you a considerable amount of money, so why would you not choose high quality tyres from Beaurepaires?

Quality tyres from Beaurepaires seriously reduce the rolling resistance of your vehicle, which means your engine needs to make less effort to move forward. Not only does this save your engine, it also saves you a considerable amount of fuel over the course of time.

Decent tyres from the Beaurepaires Canberra Stores can also improve the handling of your car. At our Canberra Stores you will find tyres that give you an excellent grip on both wet and dry road surfaces. Even agricultural vehicles can count on specialised and dedicated tyres that will improve their efficiency and performance.

How Can I Find Tyres For My Vehicle?

Since there are hundreds of different types of tyres in our Canberra Stores, we needed to implement a tool that makes it easy for our customers to find the tyres that fit their car like a glove.

When you go over our tyres menu, you will notice a submenu called “Tyre Search”. With this tyre search you can select the make and model of your car and immediately obtain a list of available tyres for your particular car.

Would you rather have a look at all the tyres we have available first? Then select the specific tyres you need in our menu, including car tyres, 4WD tyres, light commercial tyres, truck tyres, tractor tyres and agricultural tyres.

What Tyre Brands Do You Have?

You will find some big names at our Canberra Stores, including Dunlop, Goodyear and Sava. As you may already know, these tyres are usually accompanied by the latest automotive technologies. A few examples of such technologies are reduced rolling resistance, performance increasing tire designs and many more.

For a complete overview of the advantages of a specific tyre, please click on the picture or the title of the tyre for additional information on its benefits.

Can You Give Me Any Discounts?

Beaurepaires can certainly give you some great deals on high quality tyres. On our website you will find various tyres on sale and you can also take advantage of tyre & wheel packages. So if you want more value for money, you can definitely count on Beaurepaires by using these tyre & wheel packages.

Any Interesting Deals for Businesses?

Since we are one of Australia’s leading experts in tyres, you can also count on our Canberra stores for some additional commercial services.

Businesses can come to Beaurepaires for a detailed tyre management program. With such a tyre management program, you can reduce the operational cost of your business by saving money on fuel and vehicle maintenance.

Any business that shops with Beaurepaires for tyres, or takes advantage of the Beaurepaires services, can also count on our expert advice. By selecting the right tyres for you and providing you with excellent maintenance services, you can get brilliant results.

Beaurepaires can also give you flexible delivery options, whether you need tyre changes, pressure maintenance or tyre inspections.

We can also maximise the lifespan of your tyre casing and tyre treads. By doing so, businesses can reduce the downtime of their vehicles. In addition to that you can also count on onsite servicing provided by Beaurepaires.

Do You Provide Tyre Maintenance for Individuals?

The services of Beaurepaires are not only meant for businesses, because we also provide tyre maintenance for individuals. Simply visit one of our Beaurepaires stores for some tyre maintenance.

Some of the tyre maintenance services Beaurepaires can provide you with are wheel alignment and wheel balancing. By getting your wheels properly aligned and balanced, you can reduce the chance on premature tyre wear.

When you want to prolong the life of your tyres even longer, be sure to visit our Tips and Advice section. Here you will find some valuable information that will leave your tyres in excellent condition.

Customers can also come to Beaurepaires to get their tyres checked for free. This is especially convenient for people who are not that familiar with tyre wear.

One of the things we will check during this free health check is the tread depth. While we check the tread depth, our experts will also show you what to look out for. When you diagnose the problem early, you can save a lot of money in the long run, since it can prevent damage to your vehicle.

Tyre pressure is the second thing we will check when you visit Beaurepaires. During this process we will also show you how to monitor the pressure on your tyres and what effects over or under inflation can have on your vehicle.

In addition to checking the tyres, you can also have your battery checked at Beaurepaires. This service is also free of charge. Your battery will be checked with a battery analyser, which will give us the charge rate of your battery and the expected lifespan.

Check Out Our Sales Section!

Do you need new tyres and would you like to save a considerable amount of money? Then head over to our sales section immediately and discover some of the great deals the Beaurepaires team has to offer you today.

Visit One Of Our Stores!

Customers are also more than welcome in one of the many Beaurepaires stores all over Australia. If you want to see our range in person, then do not hesitate to drop by in one of our stores in Canberra. To find out the closest store near you, please enter your postcode or suburb in the search window above.

Call for Additional Information

Do you need more information about our tyres range? Or would you like to speak to one of our sales representatives? Give us a call on 13 23 81 or call our customer support service at 1800 809 514.