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ACT Tyres Stores With Low Prices & Quick Fittings

Beaurepaires ACT

Excellent tyres for amazing prices? Discover the range of tyres Beaurepaires offers at all of our ACT stores!

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What Does Beaurepaires Sell?

The majority of the Australian population is already familiar with Beaurepaires and its products. Our company focusses on the sale and maintenance of tyres, wheels and car batteries. We have stores all over Australia, including in ACT.

Are you looking for ACT tyres that will give your vehicle extra grip or tyres that will last longer than the ACT tyres you have bought in the past? Then head over to the Beaurepaires range and pick out your perfect ACT tyres!

What Can I Expect From The Beaurepaires Range?

When you choose to get your ACT tyres from Beaurepaires, you can count on a big range with plenty of choice. However, we do need to mention that all the ACT tyres in the Beaurepaires range are of the best quality. Beaurepaires has very strict selection processes for their tyre range, so you can always count on durability and quality when you shop with us.

In the Beaurepaires range, you can expect to find big tyre brands such as Dunlop, Kelly Tires, Goodyear, Pirelli and Hifly. All these brands have tyres with exceptional characteristics and properties, which can only provide additional benefits for your vehicle and your driving comfort.

What Benefits Can I Obtain From Good Tyres?

Not many people realise just how big the impact of good tyres can be. Many people believe that tyres are just meant to give you a good grip on the road, but it is more than that. A good pair of tyres can also save you money!

All tyres you will find on Beaurepaires have a low rolling resistance, this is a property that will save you money and provide benefits to your vehicle at the same time.

Rolling resistance is basically the amount of energy that is lost when your tyre is rolling. The low resistance tyres you will find on Beaurepaires will minimised the amount of wasted energy and decreases the required rolling effort.

But what does a lower rolling resistance mean for you and your vehicle specifically? Well, lower rolling resistance will improve your fuel efficiency. Beaurepaires customers will need less fuel, simply because of this lower rolling resistance.

There are also additional benefits to good tyres, which can depend on the type of tyre you are getting. For example, when you are shopping for most tractor tyres, you require superior traction. Therefore you will find plenty of tractor tyres with better traction at Beaurepaires.

Of course, the required benefits will be different for someone who is shopping for tyres for a light commercial vehicle. Commercial vehicles usually require tyres that perform well in both wet and dry weather conditions and need to have extreme durability because they are used much more than the average family car. Just like with the tractor tyres, you will find suitable light commercial tyres with these benefits in the Beaurepaires range.

Can You Service My Vehicle?

Beaurepaires can take care of the servicing of your tyres, wheels and also your battery. We also provide various services that contribute to making your tyres last longer, including a free tyres health check.

There are also other services you can take advantage of, including our wheel alignment service. Wheel alignment is extremely important to prevent wear on your tyres, since improper wheel alignment can cause problems with your steering or make your car wander on straight roads.

When you bring your vehicle in for wheel alignment at Beaurepaires, we will precisely measure your wheels and position them on your car. By doing so, we can guarantee the minimum amount of wear on your tyres and extend their lifespan. Customers also get additional benefits from wheel alignment, because their vehicle handles better and will also be safer. On top of that, customers will also be able to enjoy a better fuel economy.

Customers can also come to Beaurepaires for wheel balancing. Just like improper wheel alignment, improper wheel balancing can cause premature wear on the tyres. During the process of wheel balancing, Beaurepaires will redistribute all the weight around the tyres, so the weight is all nice and even.

Beaurepaires also offers customers a free battery check as part of the free tyre health check. When you come in for a free tyre health check, we will also check your battery with a battery analyser. Through this battery analyser we obtain valuable information that can tell us more about the estimated lifespan of your battery and the current charge rate.

Should customers need any tyre, wheel or battery replacements, they can get this sorted at our store. Do not forget that the fitting and balancing of your tyres is all included in the price when you get your new tyres from one of the Beaurepaires stores.

When Do I Need New Tyres?

There are always clear indicators that will tell you when you need new tyres. The first indicator is the depth of your tyre treads. When your tread depth is no longer sufficient, it will reduce the grip you have on the road and may cause aquaplaning. Replacing your tyres when you have insufficient tyre tread depth is therefore absolutely essential.

The sidewall of your tyres can also tell you when you need to get a new pair of tyres. When you can see small bubbles on the rubber of your sidewall, it is an indicator that the internal structure of your tyre is cracked or severely damaged. If this is the case, it is essential that you immediately get a new pair of tyres. When you keep driving with these damaged tyres, your tyres may blow out.

There are other indicators that may tell you that you do not necessarily need new tyres, but that you do need some wheel alignment or wheel balancing. A few examples of such indicators are a steering wheel that is not straight, a vibrating steering wheel, a car pulling more to one side and more.

Call Beaurepaires for an Appointment or More Information

Do you want to make an appointment at one of the Beaurepaires stores or would you like to speak to our customer service team? Call your local Beaurepaires store at 13 23 81 or our general customer support line at 1800 809 514.