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Fixed price car service

Fixed price car servicing

At Goodyear Autocare we offer a range of tailored fixed price car service options at a competitive price. Whether you want a basic fixed price car service or a comprehensive log book car service, Goodyear Autocare has you covered.

Basic fixed price car service

A basic fixed price car service at Goodyear Autocare maintains your car and prevents problems caused by inevitable wear and tear. To make sure your car is running efficiently it is thoroughly examined before making appropriate adjustments and top-ups. We also assess and (if required) replace your tyres.

We perform the following essentials:

  • Power steering fluid top-up
  • Brake fluid top-up and brake inspection
  • Oil and oil filter change
  • Steering and suspension inspection
  • Tyre wear check and pressure adjustment
  • Goodyear Autocare 55 Point Safety Inspection

Our trusted car mechanic specialists take pride in keeping your car running and keeping your safety a priority.

Comprehensive log book car service

Goodyear Autocare can perform a comprehensive dealer book and log book service to meet the specifications of your car’s manufacturer and preserve your car’s statutory warranty.

Many people think you must go back to the car dealership’s nominated mechanic for log book car servicing, but a service from a Goodyear Autocare store near you will not void the warranty. Trust our qualified technicians to follow an extensive list of checks and ensure trouble-free driving, just as the manufacturer intended.