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Driving tips

Driving Tips

Planning an exciting road trip? Here are a few simple driving tips to help you on your way whether you’re driving 3,000kms on holidays or just 300 metres to the local shops.

Always check the basics before heading off

Have a look at your oil, windshield washer and tyre pressure (tyres should ideally be checked once a fortnight). And the best tip – don’t forget to check your spare tyre too!

Asses your tyre balance and wheel alignment

Tyre balancing and wheel alignment should be assessed every 10,000km, and be sure to closely inspect your tread and sidewalls for cuts and abrasions, bulges, unusual wear and road damage. If in doubt, get your tyres checked at your local Goodyear Autocare centre.

Keep an eye on your gauges

One of the best driving tips is to pull over and let the car cool down whenever the temperature needle increases.

Call us on 13 23 43 or find a Goodyear Autocare store near to get your vehicle serviced before going on that important road trip.