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Wheel Alignment

What is a wheel alignment?

Wheel alignment is the science of precisely measuring and positioning the wheels on your car to ensure the least amount of wear to your tyres. This will significantly extend the life of your tyres. Correct wheel alignment will also improve handling, ensure driving safety, and allow your vehicle to enjoy greater fuel economy.


When do you need a wheel alignment?

There are a number of situations which may indicate your car requires a wheel alignment.

  • If your steering wheel isn't straight.
  • If your car pulls to either side or wanders on straight roads.
  • After driving into a deep pothole or hitting a kerb hard.
  • When you are replacing your car tyres. 
  • At least twice a year.

Two of the most common problems that can cause rapid tyre wear are incorrect Camber and Toe-In settings.


This measurement determines whether or not your wheels lean in, lean out or sit straight up in a vertical position. Incorrect camber makes your car feel as if the steering is pulling to either side. Correct camber ensures the right amount of tyre tread is in contact with the road for safer turning and braking, which reduces tread wear.


If your front wheels are pigeon-toed, you have toe-in and if they're pointing out like a ballerina's feet, you have toe-out. Both lead to tyre scrubbing and excessive tread wear, and may also cause unpredictable steering response.


Wheel alignment services at Beaurepaires

Beaurepaires offers comprehensive wheel alignment services to help keep you and your vehicle is safe on the roads. As part of our commitment to providing you with professional tyre servicing and the best tyre performance, we guarantee our wheel alignment services for a period of 3 months or 3000km, whichever comes first.

You can learn more about our wheel alignment services here.

Note that not all services are offered in all Beaurepaires stores. If you have any questions regarding wheel alignments, please reach out to your nearest Beaurepaires retailer