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Our Promise To You

Goodyear Autocare is completely committed to delivering exceptional customer service. As a valued customer, you can expect the highest standard of service every time you visit any of our stores nationwide.

The Goodyear Autocare ‘Driving Excellence’ Customer Promise

  1. We won’t carry out any unnecessary work...ever
  2. When we say it’ll be ready in an hour, that’s because it will be
  3. We use good quality tyres and parts because they work better
  4. No hidden charges ever...not even small ones
  5. All our team are fully trained, so they’re not just fitting fast, but right too
  6. Any questions, big ones, small ones, silly ones, don’t be afraid to ask

Questions & Comments

We value your honest feedback. If the service you receive at any of our Goodyear Autocare stores is not up to your expectations, please let us know.

You can speak to the store manager, or contact us by post or phone.

Goodyear Autocare Consumer Response Centre
Level 1, 630 Church Street
VIC 3121