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Motor Cycle/Sports Bike Batteries

Power up your motorcycle or sports bike with a long lasting, hard wearing motorcycle battery from Beaurepaires.


This new range of Exide branded motorcycle batteries delivers high performance power, with modern features such as a multi-positional fitment and fully sealed after plug installation forming an incredible powerhouse. Specially designed to be suitable in all seasons and climates, the Exide Maintenance Free is suitable for all motorcycle owners across Australia. Not only is this battery maintenance free, as its name indicated, but it is also spill-proof and built to withstand cold weather and motion tilting. These batteries are backed by a 12 month nationwide warranty.


Exide Conventional motorcycle batteries are designed for use in regular conditions, so if you need a reliable motorcycle battery for everyday use, this would be a good range to ask your local Beaurepaires team about. These batteries feature lead acid construction with antimony (Sb) alloy in plates and glass fibre separators. These batteries are backed by a 12 month nationwide warranty.


 Motor bike battery