Tyre Safety Tips

Tyre Tips For Longer Tyre Life

Check Pressure Regularly
Ensure that you check your air pressure at least once a week. For the greatest accuracy, check your tyres when they are cold with a reliable tyre pressure gauge.

Rotate Tyres Regularly
To even out the wear and obtain the best possible life from your tyres they should be rotated on a regular basis. We recommend rotating your tyres every 10,000km.

Do Not Mix Tyres
It is potentially dangerous to mix tyres of different sizes as they have individual handling characteristics.

Avoid Curb Impact
Every time you hit the curb with your tyres, you increase the likelihood of fractures occurring in the sidewall of your tyres. So it makes sense to drive and park carefully to avoid contact with curbs.

Do Not Drive on Bald Tyres
Once tyre tread wears down to around 1.6mm, your tyres may be unsafe.

What is the recommended tyre pressure?
Tyre pressure is determined by your vehicle's load and speed. To find out what your tyre pressure should be consult your manufacturer's tyre pressure chart, located under the bonnet, inside the petrol cap or the driver’s door which also displays the recommended tyre sizes.The recommended tyre pressure setting depends on the make and model of each vehicle. A correct tyre pressure can improve fuel efficiency, decrease tyre wear, extend the life of your tyres, and improvethe grip and safety of your vehicle. Tyres with low air pressure will not support the weight of the vehicle properly decreasing fuel-efficiency, and tyres with a high pressure will have less tread on the road, causing the vehicle to vibrate which can be very dangerous.

To test your tyre pressure, you need a digital pressure gauge. Make sure the tyres are cold, wait half an hour after driving before you check them. All you need to do to check your tyre pressure is open the valve cap, press the tyre gauge onto valve stem and read the tyre pressure on the gauge. Write down the readings for each tyre, you will refer to them when you go to fill up your tyres.

It's important to check your tyre air pressure regularly. Potholes and speed bumps can reduce the air pressure significantly over time. You may need to check the pressure every month or so, depending on how often you drive. At Goodyear, we can fill up your tyres to ensure you're running smoothly – just drop by your local store today.

Your Goodyear Autocare specialist can advise you as to the best tyres to suit your car and driving needs. We will ensure that tyres with the correct size, speed rating, load capacity and inflation pressure are fitted to your vehicle. Goodyear Autocare's tyre protection plan can help protect you from
expensive tyre replacement costs caused by Sidewall damage, impact damage,
accidental cuts or punctures. Contact your local Goodyear Autocare on
13 23 43 or click here to find your closest dealer.

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