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"Brilliant, Did not expect so much from a free seminar/Workshop" Brooke.

"Very Enjoyable, Informative evening, so well catered too and lots of Laughs" Nikki

"Had alot of fun, you guys are amazing" Mikayla

"This has been absolutely fantastic. The staff were great, and even when asking my dumb questions if didn't feel silly. I was amazed at how much i didn't know and now have confidence to be able to look after my car. I am also confident that i could bring my car here to be looked after and the staff would be just as lovely and informative as they were tonight" Heather.


Dear Goodyear Autocare Sumner Park,

Following last night's excellent workshop, I wanted to reinforce in
writing the comments I made to you as I left.

On a personal level I found the evening useful and am aware that it has given me more confidence to be less "ostrich-like" about the maintenance and state of repair of my car. The genuinely supportive responses and encouragement you gave when attendees admitted their apprehension and ignorance was excellent. The presenters came across as efficient, trustworthy and respectful. Not an easy combination to achieve!

As a potential customer I was impressed with the level of professionalism shown by the workshop staff (and reinforced by the cleanliness of the premises!) It struck me as a business where attention to detail was important, good follow-up was a given, and customer courtesy was taken for granted. Again, these qualities are sadly not always in evidence an any business.

As an aged pensioner, with nil financial reserves, realistically my 10 year old car will probably be the last I will ever own, so I am motivated by the need to do everything possible to make it last, while avoiding spending money unnecessarily. As you can imagine this can cause me a bit of anxiety from time to time. In circumstances like these, it is vital to be able to build a trusting relationship with the people who maintain my car for me. Although I have been reasonably happy with my present mechanic, on the basis of the impressions I formed last night, I am considering bringing my car to you in future.

Finally, as someone who has presented workshops in a number of fields over the years I was extremely impressed with the way it all went, especially given that you said that this was the first time this particular team had run the event. You could have had no idea what level of information we would need, how many questions (and at what level) you would have to field and you had quite a lot of information to pack into a tight timeline. I think that you should feel very satisfied with the evening's outcomes, and hope that you run more workshops like this for the benefit of other women.

Thanks once again

Ynes, Sumner Park

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