Keep your cool on the road this summer

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Planning an exciting road trip this summer? Here’s a few simple hot-weather driving tips to help ensure you and your car are ready to tackle the long, hot summer days:

Always check the basics before heading off on a road trip. That includes oil, windshield washer, tyre pressure – which ideally should be checked once a fortnight – and don’t forget to check your spare tyre too.

Tyre balance and wheel alignment should be checked every 10,000km, and be sure to closely inspect your tread and sidewalls for cuts and abrasions, bulges, unusual wear and road damage.

Keep an eye on your gauges. If the temperature needle budges, pull over and let the car cool down.
Summer means hot interiors, so consider a windscreen shield, try to drive in the cooler hours, keep plenty of water stashed away, and take frequent stops to keep you and your car cool.


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