Lifetime Brake Pad Replacement Program Terms and Conditions

A customer participating in the Lifetime Brake Pad Replacement Program will have Bendix brake pads fitted to their vehicle and receive replacement of these pads subject to the following conditions:

  • The vehicle must remain in the ownership of the program participant and is not transferable.
  • The vehicle must be returned to the same participating store for a free brake pad inspection every 12 months or 20,000kms, which ever occurs first.
  • The Program is only applicable for private passenger vehicles and excludes commercial vehicles, couriers, taxi’s, 4 wheel drive vehicles and high performance vehicles with cross drilled or slotted rotors.
  • At the time of fi tment, the braking system is free of any other faults to related parts. This may require
  • maintenance or replacing of these parts at additional cost.
  • The disc rotor must be within original manufacturer’s specifi cations and machined at additional cost to the
  • customer as part of the original brake pad replacement and subsequent replacement.
  • The program is available at participating stores Australia wide.

Replacement of the brake pads as part of the offer is limited to the cost of replacement brake pads only with the following conditions:

  • Labour for fitting is not included and is charged at additional cost of $88 inc GST.
  • Does not extend to any additional parts or labour that may be required to restore the braking system up to roadworthy conditions such as rotor machining.
  • Replacement pads will be Bendix branded pads.
  • Replacement pads will be replaced in the event of mechanical failure of other brake related components
  • provided the braking system has been repaired by Goodyear Autocare prior to replacement pads being fitted.
  • The replacement guarantee becomes void if the braking system is serviced or repaired by any other party other than a Goodyear Autocare store.
  • The replacement guarantee does not cover brake shudder resulting in the performance of non-brake pad
  • related components.
  • The replacement guarantee is void if the car has been involved in a major collision.


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