Suspension & Shock Absorbers

Your vehicle's suspension is the system that minimises bumps and vibrations for a smoother and more comfortable ride.

The suspension takes the full force of the road so it's prone to wear and damage. If your drive isn't as smooth as it used to be, the problem may be with your suspension. The suspension system is comprised of struts, springs, stabilisers, tyres, suspension arms and shock absorbers. These parts all work together to ensure your ride is comfortable. If any of these components gets worn or damaged, they must be replaced immediately or they will significantly reduce the performance of your vehicle.

Look for these warning signs to help identify that something is not quite right with your suspension:

  • Excessive bouncing
  • Vehicle doesn’t brake smoothly
  • Poor handling or tilt around corners
  • Irregular wear on tyres

At Goodyear Autocare, we have a wide range of struts, springs, stabilisers, shock absorbers and other suspension components for your vehicle. You can be confident that we'll replace or repair your suspension with the greatest care and expertise. Call us now on 13 23 43 or visit us in store for a quick, hassle-free repair and your vehicle will be running in no time.


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