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Regular maintenance is required to preserve your vehicles' quality and safety. Keep up your maintenance and your car will have a better chance of lasting longer. Look out for dashboard warning lights, excessive smoke from the tailpipe and/or hood, sputtering engine, unusual knocking sounds, excess oil consumption and low oil pressure for signs that your engine may be in need of repair.

The consequences of ignoring regular engine and driveline maintenance are:

  • Increased risk of on-road accidents
  • Poor vehicle performance
  • Poor fuel economy
  • Increased harmful exhaust emissions
  • Shortened life and decreased value of your vehicle
  • Void warranty

Your engine needs to be properly maintained by trained professionals to keep it running trouble-free. There are many areas of the engine that require proper lubrication, adjustments and servicing to keep it performing reliably.

Give yourself peace of mind and call 13 23 43 today or visit our store locator to speak to your local Goodyear Autocare expert. We'll offer you a range of service options that will protect your engine and keep your car or truck running smoothly.

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