Auto Electrical

The auto electrical system is a complex set of wiring throughout your vehicle that controls the lighting system, audio and automatic starting among other electrical functions.

If one of these specific components is in need of repair or replacement, it should be handled by an experienced professional. Check-ups generally begin with the battery, which stores electrical energy and converts it into mechanical force when the key is inserted to start the engine. If your vehicle won't start, it's likely there is a fault with the electrical contact to the battery. Frequently turning the engine on and off, for short car trips can wear this mechanism quickly. At Goodyear Autocare, we can help you with:

  • Auto-electric (alternators, lighting, starters)
  • Battery replacement
  • Electronic components
  • Engine tuning

At Goodyear Autocare we have qualified professionals with the expertise and experience required to repair your auto electrical components. Call us on 13 23 43 or use our store locator to find a service centre near you.


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