Stuart Palmer, Goodyear Autocare Darwin reiterates the point explaining:

“It’s a nice experience to have a clean environment while you’re waiting for your tyres to be fitted – and the fantastic new, spacious showroom has really caught the imagination of our customers, especially our female customers,” he said.


Roger Francis, Co-owner, Goodyear Autocare, Kadina

Roger has been at the store for 28 years starting as a tyre fitter in 1978 working his way up the ranks to become store manager before being in a position where he could buy the store for himself. Roger lives in Kadina with his wife and son and is an active member of the community having played football for the local football club and being a member of the local APEX club. Showing is commitment to the community Roger’s store sponsors five local football clubs and netball clubs in the area. “Some of our customers have been using our store since I started 28 years ago and being on one of the main streets in Kadina people are going to notice the dramatic difference to the store straight away,” said Roger. “We were looking for a bigger profile in the community and one week in and it’s definitely achieved that. This is a positive step for sure and I’m looking forward to working in this new network.”


Karen and John Parker - store owners

Karen and John Parker, who bought the Springwood store in September 2006, love the bright, fresh look of their newly refurbished store. “We’ve had customers comment that now they can see our store from the highway – its a lot brighter, much more visible, and it really stands out”.

The store has reported increased customer traffic since the refurbishment: “We’ve had a lot of comments from business owners in the area who say they’ve never seen so many cars here before,” said Karen.

“The best thing is that the visibility of Jack, the Goodyear Guy, with his spanner on the front wall is sending out a message to the community that Goodyear Autocare does more than just tyres – we do mechanical work too. It seems that Jack is helping this message get through to people,” said Karen.


Denise Anderson - manager

The store is the oldest continuous Goodyear store in Australia, having first opened in 1939. Since having it exterior refurbishment completed, Denise has noticed an increase in walk-in store traffic and a growing brand recognition within the community. “Jack the Goodyear Guy is becoming a bit of a landmark – he’s very visible because he’s painted on our huge showroom window. I’ve had customers say ‘oh you’re the place with the mechanic on the front window!’ said Denise. “The new store design is a quantam leap forward from the old grey colour scheme – the bright yellow colouring is so eye-catching and really makes our store stand out from the crowd. It’s very refreshing”, said Denise.


Adam Dunn - store manager

Since making the change to Goodyear Autocare and undergoing a complete store refurbishment, Adam has noticed the Cleveland community is taking notice.

“We’re getting a lot more people coming in to the store since the refurbishment. People keep asking if we’ve just moved here or if its a new store – because for the first time they’re noticing it!”

He said the store was previously a light grey colour and didn’t attract much attention from passing customers. “Now the store really stands out and that’s why customer traffic has increased,” he said.

Adam also said the inside of the store is “100 percent better than it was previously – its now new, modern, spacious and aesthetically pleasing.”


Terry Balla – store manger

“The store looks fantastic, customers love it, and there’s been a considerable increase in customer traffic,” he said. Terry said “swish” is a word that customers often use to describe the new-look store. “It looks big and airy and very professional. The store now has the fresh face it needed, and we’re now going along in leaps and bounds”. According to Terry, staff morale has increased significantly with the refurbishment and staff find the working space much easier than the previous lay-out. “The only bad thing is that now all my staff members want to look like Jack the Goodyear Autocare guy!”


Paul McKinnon – store manager

“Feedback’s been great since the refurbishment,” he said. “Customers have noticed that the store has been painted, and everyone thinks the new colour scheme looks great – nice, bright and new,” he said.


Adam Delamare – store manager

“We had a lot of comments from customers straight after the refurbishment. The store now really stands out, and people tell us they can notice it a lot easier,” he said. “It looks better, neater and we’ve had an increase in customer traffic because the store is more visible,” he said. 


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